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Obesity Screening

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Package Description:

Obesity is a growing global health problem, and the leading preventable cause of death worldwide. You are in position to take control of your life and make a change! BP obesity screening package is surely a good and easy preventive measure you can take today!


Tests Includes :

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Other tests/ 其他检验:

  • Uric Acid / 尿酸

Liver Function Test / 肝脏功能检验:

  • Total Protein / 总蛋白质
  • Albumin / 白蛋白
  • Globulin / 球蛋白
  • A/G Ratio / 白蛋白/球蛋白比率
  • Total Bilirubin / 胆红素
  • SGOT / 麸胺酸 - 草乙酶
  • SGPT / 麸胺酸 - 丙酮酶
  • SAP/ 碱性磷酸酶
  • Gamma GT / 穀胺酰转肽酶

Lipids Profile / 血脂肪:

  • Total Cholesterol / 总胆固醇
  • HDL-Cholesterol / 高脂胆固醇
  • LDL- Cholesterol / 低脂胆固醇
  • Triglycerides / 三酸甘油脂
  • Total Cholesterol /HDL-Cholesterol 总胆固醇/高脂胆固醇

Thyroid Hormones Test / 甲状腺荷尔蒙检验:

  • Free T3 / 游离三碘甲腺原氨酸
  • Free T4 / 游离四碘甲腺原氨酸
  • TSH / 甲状腺激素

Diabetes Screening / 糖尿病检验:

  • Blood Glucose / 血糖

Diagnostic Tests / 仪器检验 :

  • Body Composition Analysis / 体质分析

Cardiac Markers / 心脏指标 :

  • Homocysteine / 同型半胱氨酸

Ultrasound Procedures / 超音波扫描:

  • Ultrasound Upper Abdomen / 腹部超音波扫描

Blood Pressure Measurement / 血压测量 

Height, Weight, BMI measurement / 身高、体重及身体质量指数

Waist measurement / 腰围测量

Package Includes:

Please refer to Package Description

Important Information:

- Please fast for 10 to 12 hours. Only plain water is allowed before the checkup.
- The result would be ready after 3 working days from the checkup date.
- This package is inclusive of consultation fee, except for specialist consultation.

Redemption Location:

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- Available at all BP Diagnostic and Specialist Centres.
- Check the labs which are not applicable here.
- This package is valid for 1 person.
- This package is only available for online purchase.
- This package is required for appointment.
- Please bring IC or passport for registration purpose.
- Any purchases in excess of the voucher value must be settled directly with BP Healthcare, subject to applicable taxes and charges.
- Prices displayed inclusive of GST.


- This voucher is transferable and non-refundable.
- This voucher is only valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.
- An official receipt will ONLY be given upon redemption at outlets.


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