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CT Cardiac

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Package Description:

Indications for Coronary / CT Angiogram are:

The indications for coronary CTA are divided into:

  • a. Symptomatic (angina pectoris, chest pain radiate to neck, etc.) To rule out coronary stenoses

  • b. Chest pain, low to intermediate likelihood of disease

  • c. Preoperative evaluation, non-coronary surgery

  • d. Intermittent arrhythmias

  • e. Alternative to invasive angiography if invasive angiography can only be performed at high risk establish patency of bypass graft

  • f. Alternative to invasive angiography

  • g. Bypass graft not visualized on invasive angiography

  • h. Resolve questions after cardiac catheterization

  • i. Coronary anomalies

  • j. Native coronary artery not visualized on invasive angiography

  • k. Clarify findings of invasive angiography

  • l. Guidance of percutaneous coronary intervention

  • m. Asymptomatic

  • n. Positive stress test

  • o. High cardiac calcium score

  • p. High Framingham risk score

Package Includes:

CT Scan (Cardiac)

Important Information:

- Please get the referral letter or request form from a medical doctor before you proceed for any CT scan procedure.

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- Available at SC Ipoh, SC Taman Megah, SC Klang and SC Skudai outlets only.
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- The price excludes contrast or medication.


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- An official receipt will ONLY be given upon redemption at outlets.


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