Frequently Asked Questions

1. General FAQ

Answer 1: Doctor2U E-commerce is a platform that focuses on selling healthcare products and services. Additionally, customers who purchase health screening packages from participating healthcare providers can view their medical lab results online through the Doctor2U E-commerce platform.
Answer 2: Doctor2U E-commerce sells both healthcare products and services. The redemption methods differ for both.

(a) When you purchase any products from Doctor2U E-commerce, our merchants will have it delivered to you within 7 working days for Peninsular Malaysia and 14 working days for East Malaysia. However, delivery to East Malaysia is subject to merchant’s availability.
(b) When you purchase any services from Doctor2U E-commerce, there will be no delivery of physical product. Instead, you will receive a voucher by email which will include a unique redemption code. Alternatively, you can view the voucher on Doctor2U E-commerce’s purchase history webpage. To redeem the service, just present a hard or soft copy of the voucher at the service provider venue. An appointment must be made before redeeming the service at the venue. Please book appointments early to ensure date availability.

Appointment must be made before presenting yourself to the venue to allow smooth and efficient service receive.
Answer 3: You can register an account on Doctor2U E-commerce with your email address, or can sign up with Facebook or Google+.
Answer 4: There is a Live Chat icon on the Doctor2U E-commerce webpage that lets you ask any questions they might have. You can also drop us an email at [email protected] or fill out and submit our online enquiry form.
Answer 5: From the Doctor2U E-commerce homepage, click “Sell on Doctor2U E-commerce” and fill out the registration form. Our team will then review your business and will contact you for the subsequent steps.

2. View Online Lab Result

Answer 1: This is a new feature for BP Healthcare customers only. If you are a customer from BP Healthcare and would like to use this feature, kindly contact us for more details.
Answer 2: No, currently this feature is only available to BP Healthcare customers. However, you will be able to enjoy online result viewing if you purchase any health services offered by BP Healthcare on Doctor2U E-commerce. Please register with BP Healthcare staff when you redeem the voucher at a BP outlet.

3. Payment & Refunds

Answer 1: We accept debit and credit cards from Visa and Mastercard, PayPal, and online banking from all major banks. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept American Express Cards.
Answer 2: Unfortunately, Doctor2U E-commerce is currently not supporting COD. Every payment needs to be done at the checkout page.
Answer 3: You will only make payment after confirming your order in your cart.
Answer 4: You will be able to edit your order anytime before you make payment. No changes can be made after payment is made.
Answer 5: After successful payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you. The receipt will be provided to you when you receive the product; as for vouchers, the company providing you the service will issue your receipt when you redeem your voucher.
Answer 6: Please contact the Doctor2U E-commerce customer support team and they will assist you accordingly.
Answer 7: You can request for a refund on product type purchases within 7 days upon receiving the item. However, refund will only be considered on a case by case basis. All service type purchases are non-refundable. We allow you to extend your redemption period if you couldn’t make it on time, with an extra charges of 10% of the service price at the time of purchase.

4. Purchase & Redemption

Answer 1: Click on the “Health Products” category on Doctor2U E-commerce and look for the products you would like to purchase. Add the product(s) to the cart and after confirming your order, you may make the payment.
Answer 2: You can buy as many products or services as you want by adding it to the cart.
Answer 3: You can always view your order summary in the cart before proceeding to payment. From the cart you will be able to change your order details, e.g. quantity of purchase or remove any products from your cart.
Answer 4: You can go to your profile and click on ‘my purchase’ to view your purchase history.
Answer 5: You can view it through your email or purchase history on Doctor2U E-commerce.
Answer 6: Each merchant has its own specified period of redemption. It is stated on that particular item’s webpage.
Answer 7: You can contact the merchants directly with the contact info provided on their respective webpages.
Answer 9: We at Doctor2U E-commerce welcome any feedback (positive/negative) and take your comments seriously. We will reflect on them and make continuous improvements. These comments will also be passed on to other merchants for appropriate actions.
Answer 10: You can contact Doctor2U E-commerce customer support team and they will assist you further. Phone number is available on the webpage.
Answer 11: You will receive a tracking code from the merchant within 3 working days after your order has been processed. There will be instructions on the tracking method, and you may trace the purchase with that respective courier service.
Answer 12: No, Doctor2U E-commerce is providing free delivery service.
Answer 13: Please contact Doctor2U E-commerce customer support team and we will assist you with direction on how to proceed.
Answer 14: The warranty period will be stated on the deal page and is subject to the respective merchant’s policies.