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1st July - 7th July 2019

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Clinically Proven Red & Blue Wavelength Light Therapy.
RED LIGHT : Discovered by Nasa Scientists, enable collagen secretion to regenerate gum tissues, sooth inflammation, and prevent gingivitis.
BLUE LIGHT : Suppresses bacterial growth and mazimizes teeth whitening.

Clinically Proven To Improve In 4 Weeks

Operating Your BP iBright
1. Press the power button once to turn on. Default mode is regular vibration with both red and blue light activated.
2. One quick press toggles vibration modes between regular, gentles and no vibration mode.
3. press for 2 seconds and release to toggle between colors
4. Press and hold for 3 seconds to power off.

Bristles Sonic Vibration Modes
- Regular mode ( default) : For deep cleaning - 24,000 RPM
- Gentle mode : For sensitive area cleaning - 12,000 RPM

Cleaning Brush Head
Detach bruish head from the brush, Rinse the brush head with clean water. Use a cotton swab to lean the inside if necessary. Clean once a week for optimal results
* Make sure USB port cover is closed when cleaning.
* Do not use soap water or cleaning solution.
* Do not pick inside the brush head with sharp objects.
* Do not immerse the entire product in the water.

Detaching the brush head
- Hold neck of bruh in one hand
- Use 2 fingers on your other hand to pull and slightly twist brush head until it releases.

Attaching the brush head
- Slide one end of the brush head base into the slot on the brush. Align the brush and push to lock.
- You should hear a click wen the brush head is properly locked.

Brushing with BP iBright
1. Wet the bristles and apply toothpaste.
2.Press the power button to turn on the brush.
3. Select preferred vibration strength.
4. Apply gentle pressure bristles and move the brush head back and forth across teeth and gumline.
5. While brushing, select Red Light to soothe and deal your gums.
6. While brushing, use Blue Light to whiten teeth and kill bacteria.
7. Toggle between colors to achieve desired outcomes for specific areas. Even select both colors (purple) to soothe, heal , kill bacteria and whiten in the same area.

- To avoid the risk of electrocution:
* Always charge the product at a safe distance from water.
* Never charge the product with a damaged cable.
* If the product falls in water while charging, unplug it from the wall immediately. In this case, do not reach for the product directly.

* Do not immerse the entire product in water.
* Do not charge the product while cleanng the product.
* Do not charge he product next to a heat source (eg. Stove, Oven etc).
* Do not use the product during a shower or bath.
* Make sure the rubber USB port cover is closed when using.
* Dry the product thoroughly before charging.
* Dry the product throughly after using.
* Do not point the emitting light directly into your eyes.
* Ensure the brush is securely attached to the brush head before use.
* Do not swallow the brush head
* Do not use non-genine attachments that do not come with the product.
* Discontinue the use of product if it appears damaged.

For storing the product for an extensive period, clean the inside of the brush head cover provided. Place head cover on brush head and store in a cool, dry place.
Do no store the product close to a heat source. Avoid direct contact with chemicals, heating or collin units, and other health hazards.
Suitable for Adult and Children 8 years old and above.

Here are the video links for more understanding!



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This voucher is transferable and non-refundable.
This voucher is only valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.
An official receipt will ONLY be given upon redemption at outlets.

Important Information:

- Damage or shortage must be reported in writing to “[email protected]” within 48 hours from the date the parcel is delivered to the receiver.
- Receiver are required to take photos of the parcel and the goods immediately and send all relevant photos to “[email protected]”.
- The parcel claim which does not fulfill the steps above will not be processed due to insufficient information provided or the submission date is more than 48 hours from the parcel received date.


Available at all BP Diagnostic and Specialist Centres.
Check the labs which are not applicable here
This package is valid for 1 person.
This package is only available for online purchase.
This package does not require any appointment, it is first come first serve basis EXCEPT in Diagnostic Center in Kuala Lumpur branch.
Please fast for 10 to 12 hours. Only plain water is allowed before the checkup.
The result would be ready after 3 working days from the checkup date.
This package is inclusive of consultation fee, except for specialist consultation.
You can add-on any additional checkup with your appointment. Check the special price here


  • Warranty Instruction
    Step 1. Please send the following details to [email protected]
    Registered Email Address
    Contact Number
    Attached Receipt
    Product photo

    Step 2. Faulty Product must be delivered in its original Packaging ( including accessories, manuals and documentation) to Health2U, Glenmarie. Delivery costs to be covered by customer.
    Optional : Please return the item to the address as below,
    To: Warranty Team (Health2U)
    BP Healthcare Glenmarie, Shah Alam
    Lot 2, Jalan Pendaftar U1/54, Section U1,
    Temasya @ Glenmarie, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

    Brands will cover delivery costs of replacement product to customer.
    Receipt will be required as proof of purchase.
    Warranty claims which do not fulfill the steps above will not be processed due to missing information.



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