Genoplan DNA Saliva Home Test Kit

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Genoplan G1 discover 460 items in your DNA.

Health Predispositions
Learn how your genes can influence your health and likelihood of developing certain health conditions.

Health and Wellness
Learn how your genes play a role in your well being and personal lifestyle.

Personal Traits
Learn how your genes influence your physical features, sports abilities, and many other traits.

Lifestyle changes
Through a better understanding of your own genes, you can make lifestyle changes to
improve the quality of your life and health.

Screening Package Components:
- Cancer
- General Diseases
- Non-Diseases

Please refrain from eating/drinking/smoking for 30 minutes until your saliva sample is taken.

1. Customized Asian Screening Array
The use of customized Asian specific screening array maximize imputation accuracy with genomic coverages of 9,000 Asian Whole Genomics and therefore extremely suitable for the Asian population.
2. Genotype to Phenotype Algorithm
A proper phenotypic analysis is a crucial prerequisite for the accurate calibration of genomic prediction procedures. Genoplan integrates Polygenic Risk Scoring* to obtain better estimates, and thus, improved predictive abilities for genomic prediction.
* Polygenic risk score (PRS) is a number based on variation in multiple genetic loci (fixed position on a chromosome and their associated weights.
3. Live up to date Information
Get updated by live information on genetic benchmarking and relate the update back to your personalized report.
4. International Security Standard
Data protection is of topmost priority to you and we make sure it ours too. We implement
ISO/IEC 27001 to secure information assets, and manage people, processes and IT systems by applying well-defined risk management process.


Product Model G1
Dimensions 11.50(Length-CM) x 11.50(Width-CM) x 5.50(Height-CM)
Weight 0.17

What's inside:

-Tube with funnel
-Blue saliva stabilization buffer liquid
-Screw-on cap
-Return envelope*

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