Nutridos Norwegian Fish Oil

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High purity fish oil made in Norway. One teaspoon daily provides high strength (1265mg of DHA & EPA). Supported by clinical evidence to have cholesterol lowering effects, reduce risk of coronary heart disease, relieve pain in osteoarthritic joints and promotes optimal brain function. It is uniquely formulated in liquid form, ideally for elderlies who have swallowing difficulties. Lemon flavour to reduce chances of fishy reflux.


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What's inside:

- One bottle of fish oil.
- Imported from Norway
Rich in Omega-3 fatty acid from fish(EPA 760mg & DHA 505mg)
- Liquid form, easier to consume
- 1 teaspoon (5ml) contains 1265mg of EPA & DHA."

Important Information:

Recommended daily dose: 1 teaspoon (5ml) per day. One bottle contains 48 doses. May refrigerate the fish oil or mix with food to avoid fishly burps. One 5ml dose supplies 41kcal/170kJ.


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