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Eye Specialist Examination (Adult)

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Package Description:

Due for an eye check up? Been having blurry vision? Redness/ pain in the eye? Early detection is the key. This Eye Screening Package aims to detect glaucoma, cataract & squinting problems early so that immediate action can be taken. This package includes a consultation with our eye specialist  who can help to assess your eyes and follow up on your condition. Don't let vision problems prevent you from seeing this beautiful world.



Strabismus  (ocular misalignment)

Strabismus is an eye movement disorder in the eye muscle.  It can present in birth (congenital), developed later in life due to cranial nerve paresis, injury or accident or secondary to diabetes or thyroid eye disease.  It can lead to double vision, social embarrassment and worse still can lead to lasting vision loss in the less used eye, lazy eye (amblyopia). The treatment usually entails surgery.  For children, it is important to treat it before age of 6 years old to prevent irreversible visual loss and loss of stereoscopic vision.


Elderly people are prone to develop cataract (clouding of the eye lens) and the condition prevent images to be focus clearly and may lead to blindness if not treated on time. Similarly , young people with diabetes or previous injury may also develop cataract A microincision cataract surgery can be performed to treat the condition.  The additional benefit is that one may be able to correct presbyopia with the use of multifocal lens. For those who have astigmatism, a toric len can also be inserted to achieve spectacles independence.



Glaucoma is a disorder that causes fluid pressure (tension) to build up in the eyes and lead to damage in the optic nerve .Glaucoma usually goes undiagnosed until some vision is loss. Routine screening can detect and prevent loss of sight. The ophthalmologist will assess, advise and treat any abnormality of the eyes.

Eyelid disorder  (Ptosis, inturning eyelashes, eyelid lumps, double eyelid, eyebags)

Ptosis or droopy eyelid can occur in any ages.  It obstruct vision and visual field and may make driving dangerous and reading difficult.  In children, it can even cause amblyopia (lazy eye). Depending on the muscle function, various surgeres can be performed to improve the situation.  Except in children, the surgery in can be performed under local anesthesia in a day care setting.


Single eyelid with lash ptosis

Single eyelid is common among Chinese and sometimes it can be associate with lash ptosis (eyelash direction facing downwards) and obstruct vision.  A simple procedure in a day care setting is able to redirect lashes away from the eye and give a much attractive appearance. Eyebags: With age, there is weakening in the tissue which hold the fat in the lower eyelid.  The tissue in the upper cheek also descend leading to protruded fat and eyebag appearance. It can happen in a varying degree, either prolapse of fat and descent of tissue. Repositioning of tissue back to its original position will help one look more refreshed.



Pterygium is a fibrovascular growth onto the eye .  It is usually due to sun exposure. It can lead to dry eye, discomfort, eye looks a bit unsightly, red (when it is inflamed) and reduced vision when the layer of tissue grow across the pupil.  Treatment involve a minor procedure to remove the tissue.

Watery eye

Watery eyes are common eye complaints, can cause social embarrassment and .  It can be due to blepharitis (inflammation of eyelid), inturning eyelashes, punctal eversion or blockage of nasolacrimal duct.  If the watery eyes is caused by nasolacrimal duct obstruction, sometimes a lump will be formed near the side of the nose. If the condition is left untreated, then it will form infection called dacryocystitis and the patient may require hospitalization.  

Diabetic Eye disease

Diabetic is very common in Malaysia, involving at least 1/3 of adult population.  Diabetic can also affect vessels in the eyes and cause reduced vision or even blindness and this disease process usually occur without any pain or discomfort to the eye.  Guidelines have suggested that once a person is being diagnosed to have diabetes in adult life, he should have eye examination at the time of diagnosis and have at least yearly screening for diabetic retinopathy.  If patient has diabetic retinopathy, treatment range from laser, injection and surgery.


Age related macular degeneration or myopic macula degeneration

With increasing aging population and myopic population in Malaysia, age related or myopic macular degeneration has become one of the common cause of reduced central vision.  The development of this condition may be drastic and patient find they are not able to see what lie in front of them. Treatment is available in the form of injection but may require to be repeated.  

Package Includes:

Clinical eye examination by Ophthalmalogist includes:
- vision
- glaucoma
- cataract
- squint
- fundus
- external ocular muscle
- macular degeneration

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