4x DH2T + Dexa + Comprehensive Oral Health Screening

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Health is wealth. Taking care of your health is a personal responsibility but sharing is caring too. Let’s share the advanced DH2T package with your loved ones and enjoy being healthy with them!
Due for annual check up? Get a Head2Toe check up to cover your whole health check needs until the next check up!
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Full Blood Picture/血球分析:
Total RBC / 红血球计数
Haemoglobin / 血红素
PCV / 血球比容量
MCV / 平均红血球容积
MCH / 平均红血球血色蛋白
MCHC / 平均红血球血色蛋白浓度
RDW / 红血球体积分布宽度
Total WBC / 白血球计数
Polymorphs / 嗜中性球
Lymphocytes / 淋巴球
Monocytes / 单核球
Eosinophils / 嗜伊红球
Basophils / 嗜咸基性球
ESR / 红血球沉降率
Platelet Count / 血小板计数
Film / 血抹片检查

Renal Function Test/肾脏功能检验:
Sodium / 钠
Potassium / 钾
Chloride / 氯
Urea / 尿素
Creatinine / 肌酸肝
Uric Acid / 尿酸
Calcium / 钙
Phosphorus / 血清磷浓度
eGFR / 肾小球滤清率估计

Liver Function Test/肝脏功能检验:
Total Protein / 总蛋白质
Albumin / 白蛋白
Globulin / 球蛋白
A/G Ratio / 白蛋白/球蛋白比率
Total Bilirubin / 胆红素
SGOT / 麸胺酸 - 草乙酶
SGPT / 麸胺酸 - 丙酮酶
SAP/ 碱性磷酸酶
Gamma GT / 穀胺酰转肽酶

Hepatitis B Screening/乙型肝炎检验:
HBsAg / 乙型肝炎表面抗原
Anti-HBs / 乙型肝炎表面抗体

Lipids Profile/血脂肪:
Total Cholesterol / 总胆固醇
HDL-Cholesterol / 高脂胆固醇
LDL- Cholesterol / 低脂胆固醇
Triglycerides / 三酸甘油脂
Total Cholesterol /HDL-Cholesterol 总胆固醇/高脂胆固醇

Urine Analysis/尿液分析:
Colour / 颜色
Transparency / 透明度
pH / 酸碱反应
Proteins / 蛋白
Glucose / 尿糖
Ketone / 酮体
Specific Gravity / 比重
Blood / 血

Urine Microscopy/尿液显微镜检验:
Pus Cells / 白血球
RBC / 红血球
Casts / 圆柱体
Epithelium / 上皮细胞
Bacteria / 细菌
Others / 其他

Infectious Diseases/传染性疾病:
Anti HIV I&II / 爱滋病抗体
Hepatitis A lgG / 甲型肝炎抗体
Hepatitis C lgG / 丙型肝炎抗体
Helicobacter Pylori lgG / 幽门螺旋杆菌抗体
VDRL / 梅毒检验

Tumor Markers/肿瘤指标 :
AFP: Liver Cancer / 肝癌
CEA: Colon, Lung and General Marker / 大肠癌/肺癌
EBV: Nasopharyngeal cancer / 鼻癌
PSA: Prostate Cancer / 前列腺癌

Thyroid Hormones Test/甲状腺荷尔蒙检验:
Free T4 / 游离四碘甲腺原氨酸
TSH / 甲状腺激素

Diabetes Screening/糖尿病检验:
Blood Glucose / 血糖

Other tests/其他检验:
Rheumatoid Factor / 风湿性关节炎子

Diagnostic Tests/仪器检验 :
Audiometry / 听觉测试 or Chest X-ray / 胸部 X-光
Lung Function Test / 肺部功能检验
DEXA Hip / 双能X光骨骼密度仪
Resting ECG / 心电图
Stress Test / Treadmill / 跑步心电图

Cardiac Markers/心脏指标 :
Hs-CRP / 高敏感性C反应蛋白
Urine Microalbumin / 尿液微量白蛋白

Cervical Cancer Screening/子宫颈癌检验 :
Pap smear (LC-Prep) / 子宫颈抹片

Ultrasound Procedures/超音波扫描:
Ultrasound Pelvis / 盆骨超音波扫描 (Male & Female)
Ultrasound Breast / 乳房超音波扫描 OR Mammogram / 乳房X光检查 (Female)
Ultrasound Thyroid / 甲狀腺超音波扫描 (Female)
Ultrasound Scrotum / 阴囊超音波扫描 (Male)
Ultrasound Both Carotid Arteries / 动脉血流超音波扫描 ( Male)
Ultrasound Upper Abdomen / 腹部超音波扫描 (Male & Female)

Specialist tests procedures/专科检验:
Dental Service / 牙科服务

Doctor2U Serv

Package Includes:

Please refer to Package Description

Important Information:

- Please fast for 10 to 12 hours. Only plain water is allowed before the checkup.
- The result would be ready after 3 working days from the checkup date.
- This package is inclusive of consultation fee, except for specialist consultation.
- You can add-on any additional checkup with your appointment. Check the special price here.

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- Available at SC Glenmarie & SC Klang only .
- This package is valid for 4 pax.
- This package is only available for online purchase.
- This package is required for appointment.
- Please bring IC or passport for registration purpose.
- Any purchases in excess of the voucher value must be settled directly with BP Healthcare, subject to applicable taxes and charges.
- Promo code is not applicable for this package.
--Kindly note that this voucher is valid of a period of 2 year, after which a Reactivation Fee of RM 200 PER PAX will be charged for the validity extension of a further 2 year.


- This voucher is transferable and non-refundable.
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